Thank you for your efforts with putting the SmartPhone Forensics website together. You far exceeded my expectations and I was shocked by the research time you invested to understand the services we provide. Finding you for the project made everything go smooth and the site looks great! You took the time to explain and show me how I could maintain the content myself. With your efforts and attention to detail everything was completed On Time, In Full and Accurate.

I would be happy to recommend your services!

Thank you,

Mark Berryman
SmartPhone Forensics

SmartPhone Forensics
I am somewhat reluctant to provide feedback that may cause Cindi to be busier. Cindi Martin owner of Creative Webs is simply The Best!
I commissioned my first website in 1993. I have since had over a hundred websites created, developed, managed and hosted by over 50 different people. Honestly, I was never “Happy” with any of them. They all play out pretty quickly after what they receive is what I consider “too much money”.
The fact that Cindi can do the graphic design, website design, facebook, twitter and every other social media niche’ PLUS she is just too damn cheap……

Cindi, I only share this because you are awesome. I do fear you get too busy for a little business like ours….. You deserve the best!

Juicer Heroes
Elevate Life Wellness

Juicer Heroes

I’m loving it so much you have no idea! Thank you!

Bill L


Ok. Thank you so much Cindi. You are very responsive.


Juicer Heroes