Monthly Maintenancegreenview

You can be sure that our Monthly Maintenance Plans (MMP) is the right solution for you under the following circumstances.

  • If you are having a web project to be maintained on monthly basis and regular basis.
  • If you are looking for the company that can be the back bone of your website; a company that responds promptly to your calls, e-mails and other forms of communication; a company that accepts responsibility for the maintenance your website or success of your project. If so, then you have landed in the right place!
  • If you are looking for a soft payment option where the outgo of money should be on monthly basis.

WordPress Website Maintenance Program

mls roofingDue to the continuously changing landscape of internet technology, WordPress core and plugin updates are released frequently to keep websites functioning properly and to reduce vulnerabilities. Creative Web Designs offers a maintenance program for a flat monthly fee. Each month, we will back up your site, incrementally apply necessary updates to the WordPress system and plugins, test functionality, then notify you via email once the updates are complete — informing you of any new features that you should be aware of, or conflicts that need additional attention.

Want to Maintain Your Own Site

juicer heroesA number of our clients have decided that the best form of site maintenance is self-maintenance. We can redesign your site into a content management system (CMS) so that you can make your own updates without needing to contact us for every little change. If you are changing your website on a daily or weekly basis then you need another type of website. That would be a functional website with a content management system. You do pay more up front for these systems. These systems are installed on the server and the new site is created to function with a template to facilitate content changes by you. An example of a comprehensive content management system is WordPress. (We prefer WordPress).